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See All Resource Types. Includes 12 argument prompts most from past AP exams which can be used to practice brainstorming examples for various tasks assigned by the wide range of prompts. How I use these: I hand out one prompt per group and each group creates a poster that includes the prompt, a paraphrase or summary of. Add to cart. Wish List. Get your students writing about what they read! After reading the novel, your students can refine their writing skills by thinking critically about what they read.

This file includes three essay pr. Are your students going to read or maybe even finishing up reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Would you like a straight-forward prompt to assess students' ability to think critically while also citing text evidence? If so, this is the item for you! This item comes complete and ready to han.

Projects , DBQs , Assessment. Students will write an argumentative essay arguing which spirit had the greatest influence in changing Scrooge. These sentence starters will assist students to write their essay with clear and relevant evidence and proper transitions. Activities , Scaffolded Notes. Social Studies - History , World History. Handouts , Internet Activities , Movie Guides. Checkpoints are provided for students as they write. Teachers use the same checkpoints to grade. Students are limited to the space allowed - words.

Easy to gra. Handouts , Assessment. In this essay for th graders, students are asked to argue whether or not society's perspective of the Greasers changed over the course of the novel. This prompt accesses the students' understanding of point of view and character development. It requires that they cite textual evidence and cite th. This download compliments our Milkweed literature packet and Milkweed "Find Four" simile and metaphor game!

The move to Common Core represents a shift from persuasive writing to a mode referred to as, "argument.

We did not incl. Lesson Plans Individual. Argumentative essay prompt following the format of the NYC performance assessment-- get student's used to it since your rating depends on it! Also includes 5 pages of graphic organizers to help students in the writing process. Ties in nonfiction for common core alignment and websites for articles ar.

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Assessment , Novel Study , Graphic Organizers. Students are asked to support their claims with evidence from their experiences, observations, readings, and history. English Language Arts , Writing-Essays. This unit covers argumentative writing with an accent on the following: How to read and analyze a prompt; how to prewriting for an argumentative essay; how to draft, review, edit and publish and argumentative essay; how to reflect on the process of writing an argumentative essay to prepare for othe. The Advanced Placement AP curriculum is a great option for high school students looking to challenge themselves with academically rigorous coursework, and the possibility of receiving college credit makes AP classes an especially appealing option.

It is most often taken by high school juniors, many of whom go on to take the English Literature and Composition AP their senior year.

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Plenty of seniors and even sophomores take this test too though, contributing to its popularity. If you are interested in taking the English Language and Composition AP Exam, whether you have taken the class or are planning to self-study, look no further.

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The English Language and Composition AP exam is based primarily on the study of rhetoric, wherein an author attempts to persuade, inform, or motivate an audience using established techniques. The College Board encourages students who are interested in studying and writing various kinds of analytic or persuasive essays on nonliterary topics to take this course.

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It tests students on their reading comprehension, rhetorical analysis, synthesis of information, and written argumentation. The English Language and Composition exam is one of the longer AP exams, clocking in at 3 hours and 15 minutes from start to finish.

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It consists of two sections. The multiple-choice questions require that students read five passages divided between preth, 20th, and 21st century non-fiction prose. The questions focus on identifying rhetorical devices from the passages and the general functions of and relationships between the devices. In , questions were added that ask about citation information included in the passages as well. These prompts are each of a different type: one synthesis question, one passage analysis, and one argumentative essay.

The synthesis question asks students to consider a scenario and then formulate a response to a specific element of it using at least three accompanying sources for support. Sources used in the essay need to be cited to be considered legitimate. The analysis question asks students to read a short passage and analyze and discuss various devices used by the author, such as strategies, argumentative techniques, or motivations. The argument question gives a position in the form of an assertion from a documented source and asks students to form their own argument to defend, challenge, or qualify it using supporting evidence.

In , Only A full course description that can help to guide your studying and understanding of the knowledge required for the test can be found on the College Board course description, located here. Take a practice test to assess your initial knowledge.

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To learn more about the importance of formative assessments and how you can use one to get your studying off on the right foot, check out the CollegeVine article What Is a Formative Assessment and Why Should I Use One to Study? Though the College Board English Language and Composition AP website provides a number of sample test questions, it does not provide a complete sample test. You can find a practice test in many of the official study guides, and some even include a diagnostic test to act as your initial assessment. There is also one practice test available for free online here. Once you have taken some kind of formative assessment, score it to identify your areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.

It can be helpful to have a friend help to score your free response essays as these are a bit more subjective than the multiple-choice section. With an accurate formative assessment, you have a better idea of where to focus your studying efforts. In the case of the English Language and Composition AP, this means focusing on your reading and writing skills. As you are reading, make sure to stop periodically to consider the main ideas and the way the author supports them. Underline important evidence as you go. Reread complex or important sentences. One consultant to the College Board writes about the SOAPSTone approach to reading which is an acronym for a series of questions that students should ask themselves when analyzing a piece of prose.

The questions are:. Who is the S peaker? What is the O ccasion? Who is the A udience? What is the P urpose? What is the S ubject? What is the Tone? For more about using this technique, read about it on the College Board website. Writing high quality free-response essays takes practice and time.

Make sure to organize your ideas using a rough outline before you begin writing.

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Use direct evidence from the text to support your ideas, and quote judiciously with correct citations. Alternatively, there are many online study resources available. Some AP teachers have even published their own study guides or review sheets online. You can find one here and another here. Another new, fun way to study is to use one of the recently developed apps for AP exams.