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GlobalPharm — Help a pharmaceutical industry client manage with its merger and acquisitions strategy. Airline — Help a low-cost air carrier to remain profitable despite a recent fuel price hike. Drug — Help a drug manufacturer to set a suitable price for their new drug. Driving Revenue Growth — Help a medical devices and services company to increase revenues following an acquisition. The same one that is highlighted above in our example.

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Crafting a Distribution Strategy — Help a cereal manufacturer evaluate their distribution strategy. Higher Education Merger: Technology Institute of the West — Help a higher education institution expand into online learning. Strategy: Extreme Athletes World Games — Help a new sports organization to plan its budget and strategic business plan.

Digital Engineering: Green Apron — Help a grocery store chain design their new e-commerce platform. Promotion Planning — Help a national grocery and drug store chain improve its product promotion strategy. Healthcare AI Innovator — Help a health care information provider improve its communication with pharmaceutical clients to improve outcomes.

Love at First Byte — Help a data management client comply with new regulations.

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Prioritizing Ethics and Integrity — Help a software company leverage data analytics to comply with regulations. Telecom Giant Doubles its Size With an Acquisition — Help a telecommunications company integrate a newly acquired business. Wumbleworld — Help a China-based theme park operator identify the reasons for declining profits and develop options for reversing the trend. Aqualine — Help a manufacturer of small power boats determine why its sales growth has slowed and identify opportunities to boost sales. Need more sample business problems? Here are links to the casebooks compiled by several business schools.


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If you still have questions, leave them in the comments below. Also, we have tons of other articles diving into the things you need to know to get an offer from one of the top consulting firms. Check out our pages on:. Thanks for turning to My Consulting Offer for advice on case interview preparation. We want you to be successful in your consulting interviews too. If you want to learn more about how to ace your case interviews, we highly recommend taking our free training on how to master the case interview.

You can join our next free training by signing up here. Last Updated July, Table of Contents. Welcome back for more help preparing to ace your consulting interviews! Lastly, we discuss the difference between average and exceptional answers to case questions. How would you structure your analysis of the problem?

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What questions would you ask the interviewer? How would you set up the case math problem? What recommendation would you make to the client? What did you miss? Are there things you miss consistently across multiple case studies? Structuring — Break the problem down into smaller parts.

Make sure you cover all key issues.

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  • 15 eCommerce Case Studies To Guide All Parts of Your Growth!

Finally, a good structure will be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive MECE. Recommendations — Provide the solution your analysis led to. We lead with the recommendation because it is the most important piece of information. Stating it first and clearly puts everyone on the same page. Reasons — Summarize the key facts and insights that lead you to your recommendations. Risks — Outline any risks the client should be aware of as they implement your recommendations. Clients need to be aware of business risks in the same way patients need to understand the side effects of drugs.

Retaining the client — Provide next steps for how you can help the client ensure success. As consultants, we are paid for helping our clients.

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McKinsey Case Interview Examples. The same one that is highlighted above in our example Crafting a Distribution Strategy — Help a cereal manufacturer evaluate their distribution strategy.

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Bain Case Interview Examples. Deloitte Case Interview Examples. AT Kearney Case Studies. PWC Cases. Oliver Wyman Case Interview Examples. After reading this article, you should feel totally prepared to dive into mastering cases. Rejoiner reports on abandonment rate, email open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, recoverable revenue and more.

Helping you identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns to increase conversions and drive more revenue. Uncover valuable qualitative insights such as visitor objections and friction points that stop your customers from buying. Problems uncovered because of Rejoiner campaigns include: problems with international credit cards, shopping cost calculation errors, SSL certificate expired, problems with gift cards.

These are just a few of the online retail campaigns Rejoiner can power. When customers respond to a remarketing email with questions about a product, Peak Design makes a note and finds the best way to address customer questions on their product pages and support material. When you consider how much you earn back compared to how much it costs to do email remarketing, it ends up being a no-brainer. The additional contact with customers has only made it easier to offer an even higher level of customer service and to learn more about customer needs.

Peak Design uses a two-step welcome email series to introduce first time customers to the brand, and at the same time encourage that all important second purchase. The first email of the series is sent 30 minutes post purchase. This gives the customer time to receive and read their payment and shipping emails.

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If we triggered the welcome email to send right away, it may get lost or archived with the rest of the emails. Email two is triggered to send 7 days after the first purchase is made. By now the customer would have received their product or is just about to receive it.