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In addition to completing the online application form which includes space for a personal statement , you must also upload a research project proposal of no more than words in total. Your personal statement should briefly explain why you have chosen to apply to our programme and what you feel you can offer our research community. You will also need to submit a sample of your critical writing words maximum and, if relevant, evidence of your ability to undertake the practice-led research you are proposing e.

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It should take no longer than 30 minutes to view all the visual material that you provide. For more general guidelines and application requirements, please visit the research degrees applicants page. If you would like to discuss your application, at any stage, please contact Professor Roberta Mock. Additionally, the Doctoral College is able to answer any questions you may have about applying for or undertaking a postgraduate research degree at the University of Plymouth: doctoralcollege plymouth.

Markets, Innovation and Competition research group MIC Market economies are more dominant today than ever before where competition intensifies, calling for innovation. On the one hand markets have facilitated wealth creation and spurred innovation; on the other, they are often held responsible for causing financial instability and widening inequality and are vulnerable to asset tunnelling, to name but a few criticisms. This gives rise to a range of connected issues to be analysed by MIC. Find out more about research opportunities. If you are on your way to becoming one, then many congratulations to you — keep going!

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Coursework also focuses on the development of writing and critical-thinking skills at the doctoral level. Students must also complete 8 days of academic residency across two 4-day durations. Two main avenues exist for earning an online doctorate in finance: an academic route and an industry route. Students who want to apply their finance expertise to an industry job should consider earning a doctorate of business administration DBA in finance.

Students looking to enter the academic profession as faculty should consider a Ph. While they may seem similar on the surface, these two finance doctorate pathways require different coursework and produce different learning outcomes. Carefully consider which path works best for your own goals. An industry-focused program provides you with a firm foundation of quantitative financial skills and trains you to apply theory to real-world business scenarios.

Additional concentrations may also let you further tailor your focus. Academic-focused programs require more intensive study of research and theory but offer fewer opportunities to hone mathematical finance skills. These programs also require dissertations, while industry-focused programs more commonly require a thesis. Finally, getting into an academic Ph. While DBA programs often allow for cohorts of about 10 students, Ph. The information below intends to provide a representative look at the potential curriculum content of a doctorate of finance.

The specifics can vary, depending on the school and program you select. Different programs align with different career goals, in industry or academia, and offer courses according to these specific learning outcomes. Earning an online doctorate in finance prepares an individual to work either inside or outside of the finance industry.

Is It Worthwhile To Get A Financial Planning PhD?

Graduates' analytical skills and advanced knowledge of financial principles allow them to hold high-level positions in major companies, in the government, or in academia. The major metrics and qualities for which we rank are these with expanded, detailed considerations and weights listed : 1. Considers faculty membership and leadership within relevant, prominent associations Considers academic papers published by faculty in relevant, prominent periodicals Considers awards and recognitions given to faculty members from prominent organizations and from other sources 3. Department of Education and listed on the federal register to accept student federal financial aid Considers range of school-sponsored financial aid such as scholarships and grants 5.

Introduction to Empirical Methods: These introductory courses develop a foundational knowledge of academic and theoretical research methods by exploring a range of techniques and quantitative tools used for finance and economic analysis.

Topics in Macroeconomics: Macroeconomics topics courses typically focus on two or three main areas of modern research, such as economic growth or wage inequality. Students read literature on the course topics and participate in discussions.


Finance Theory: Expect to complete a few finance theory courses for your doctorate in finance online. From introductory levels to advanced courses, students develop an understanding of single period and dynamic models.