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While this particular syndrome may have specific causes and effects, as did its psychological impact on the rest of my family, it still remains a stark, and intriguing, demonstration of the way in which each individual differs from imagined norms, and the valuable work that Psychologists do in helping us to understand, and positively respond to, this difference. As I have translated these personal interests into academic knowledge, I have found debates surrounding biology the most intriguing.

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Nature versus nurture debates, such as those surrounding the gender reassignment of David Reimer, have proved to be the most inspiring in their attempt to account for our biological and social influences. The influence of my own changing social circumstances has been apparent throughout my life, having undertaken education across multiple national contexts, further motivating me to understand the way we are shaped by our culture and language.

Obviously, these changing circumstances have also presented challenges and at times I have narrowly missed the grades I would expect. In these cases, I am retaking modules and will have achieved strong grades prior to beginning undergraduate study.

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As my goal is ultimately to work within Clinical Psychology, I am also aware of the importance gaining first hand experience within the healthcare field. I have undertaken work placements at a residential care home.

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In addition to the practical tasks, I also realised the importance of communication and responding to the individual psychology of each resident, the same communication skills that proved to be central during work experience within a Dental Surgery. Not only was I able to make a practical impact, assisting doctors and nurses, but I was also able to talk with a range of individuals and understand the psychological impact that traumatic events have on the people affected.

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It is the positive impact of talking with these people about their circumstances that continues to drive me to study and work in the field. A voluntary role as Skills Assistant with World Skills London will allow me to continue helping people from around the world, broadening my understanding of cultures and honing teamwork and communication skills. Your psychology personal statement will have the following qualities: It will portray your proper understanding of the subject in a clear manner. It will show your engagement with the subject in the past work-experience, projects, outside learning, etc.

It will create your statement with the right tone and language, making the tutor interested in selecting you! What you get?

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Eye-catching and professionally written personal statement. UCAS Guidelines followed carefully.

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