Thesis of wild swans by jung chang

She also had access to education until the age of fifteen and was free to choose her vocation.

Her parents supported her when she decided to work for the Communist Party of China. Even in the matter of marriage, Qing was never forced by her parents.

ACU 1444 Mao The Unknown Story disk 1 The Early Years By Jung Chang

She led a secure childhood under the care of her loving parents. She received proper education and was provided with a comfortable life by her parents. Among the three women, Yu-Fang is the only person who had to go through lots of suffering during her childhood.

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She was born in a period when the society treated women as commodities. The other two women, Qin and Chang grew under the care of loving parents and had the freedom to take their own decisions.

Yu-Fang lived in a time when marriages were arranged by the families. The General came to visit her after six years, and at that time also his visit was for conjugal purpose only. Fang was left in a vulnerable position after the death of the General. Out of the fear that her child would be taken away from her, she runs to a place of safety. It is during this time that she meets Dr. Xia, a wealthy doctor, who accepts Fang as his wife. Being a concubine, Fang was lucky to find herself a good husband. Fang found her love, for which she had yearned for many years, when Dr.

Xia entered her life and took her as his wife.

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China Summary

Qin led a life where she was free to choose her own husband. Although there were numerous men wishing to marry her, Qing never responded to their feelings of love, for she was more interested in studies and party work. But when she met Wang, a high ranking officer, she fell in love and got married to him.

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The married life of. Chang is not described in detail by the author.

Wild Swans : Three Daughters Of China

Qin and Fang married the person they loved but Fang was forced into a relation by her father. Fang lived in a period when women were treated unfairly by the men. The social conditions in which Qin lived, gave her the freedom to choose her husband but the political conditions prevented her from spending too much time with her husband. Political and Social Roles. Although all the three women had their own opinions and thoughts about the social and political conditions in their nation, Yu-Fang never got a chance to get involved in the social and political affairs of her nation.

She lived in a period when women were prohibited from entering the political field. Being a member of the Communist Party, aided Qin in playing an active role in the political field. During that time China was being ruled by Kuomintang and Qin was against their rule, owing to the appalling manner in which they ruled China. When the Communist Party was opposing the rule of Kuomintang, Qin played a significant role in spreading the message of communism among the people, by smuggling and distributing communist writings. Later, when she married Wang, a high ranking officer in the Communist Party, her participation in the party work and political affairs of the nation increased.

When he returns, he impregnates Yu-Fang. The baby is a girl, whom they name Bao Qin.


The pair fall in love and Dr. Xia wants to marry Yu-Fang. His family disapproves of the match, though, and advises him not to marry but instead take Yu-Fang as a concubine. Xia and Yu-Fang give away his wealth to his siblings—save for one who kills himself—and they move away.

They want to a new start life. Finally, Yu-Fang is happy, but soon trouble strikes again, this time in the form of political unrest as communism sweeps through China. Meanwhile, De-hong is growing up. As a teenager, she starts to work with the Communists, and falls in love with a man named Chang Shou-yu. The two get married. He only cares about the success of the Communist Party, but this changes after his later imprisonment and he becomes a loving husband. Together, Chang Shou-yu and De-hong have five children.

As well as those five successful pregnancies, De-hong endures both a miscarriage and an abortion. Yu-Fang and Dr. Xia live with De-hong. After Dr. Meanwhile, the political unrest does not improve.